Your Fundraising Solution!

If your organization is searching for a great way to raise money, Jubilations Cheesecakes is your solution. Our delicious gourmet cheesecakes are made from scratch and made with only the best ingredients.

How much money can you raise?

Most Jubilations fundraisers earn $7 to $12 per cheesecake, depending on the selling price set by the group, how many cheesecakes are purchased, and where they are delivered.

How does it work?

Jubilations will provide a customized selling brochure and order form, complete with your organization's name, logo, or mascot, and even a special message pertinent to your fundraiser. The order form will also specify which types of cheesecakes you have chosen to sell (usually 5-6 different types of cheesecakes). Your group members can then begin selling cheesecakes to family, friends, and other supporters, receiving all payments in advance. After the selling period is over (typically 2-4 weeks), the head of the fundraiser will organize all the individual orders, place one order with Jubilations for the entire organization, and send payment. After receiving payment, Jubilations will ship the order based on the organization’s selected delivery method.