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So you've had a great fundraiser and you've raised lots of money by selling cheesecakes. But wait! The more you sell, the bigger that delivery will be. What will you do when all of those cheesecakes arrive? How can you be confident that they'll be frozen when your members assemble to get their orders to deliver them to their buyers?


Jubilations has good news! We've developed a unique and convenient way to deliver our cheesecakes to you so that much of your worry is avoided. We ship our cheesecakes to you in a virtual freezer! Jubilations ships to most parts of the country in an insulated shipper box, lined with thick, safe insulation. We ship our cheesecakes with dry ice in the container so that when you receive them, they will stay frozen for even another day after you receive them. These large containers can hold well over 100 cheesecakes. No matter the quantity you order, we can be sure to get them to you with plenty of cold insurance. 

We can also ship by truck line on a pinpointed delivery day so that you know exactly what day your shipment will arrive. In this our most common delivery method, the driver will remove the cheesecakes from the insulated container that we ship in, and bring the cheesecakes into your location. We also have a premium service whereby the driver calls the morning of delivery to check in with you about what time to expect him. When the truck arrives, the driver will utilize a liftgate on the back of the trailer, and can lower the container, (which is too heavy to lift) to the ground. He can also move it a few yards with a pallet mover to the place where you want to have it for distributing your cheesecakes to your sellers or supporters. After you've finished with the container, it can be disassembled and thrown away. It's like having a deep freeze full of cheesecakes delivered right into your building.


Jubilations has been in the business of mail ordering cheesecakes to the doorstep of peoples' homes and businesses for several years. We utilize UPS® to deliver cheesecakes by mail order. Each cheesecake is packaged in its own triple-insulated container, which guarantees the cheesecake to be in good condition upon arrival. This option works very well for those who want to sell our cheesecakes by mail order. Just take your customer's order and give us the address information, and we'll handle the shipment details. The shipper will leave the cheesecake at the door if nobody is home to sign for the shipment, so be sure your customers are aware that they will be receiving a shipment. Of course, we can deliver on the specific weekday (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday) that you request.

With our innovative shipping solutions, Jubilations has simplified delivery so that you can focus on pleasing your customers. Just brace yourself, because once you've delivered our cheesecakes to your customers, you will be lauded with compliments!