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Packaging Perfectly Designed for Fundraising

At Jubilations, our primary expertise is baking luscious cheesecakes by hand, each one from scratch. From making each cheesecake from scratch to hand-packaging each cheesecake, our cheesecakes are truly outstanding. That's right, we package each cheesecake by hand. Our packaging reflects the same quality that is in our cheesecakes. When you see our cheesecakes in their packages, you can tell that what is inside must be special.

When Jubilations decided to get into the fundraising business, we designed our package just for fundraising. Our cheesecakes are not packaged in retail packages; they are packaged in fundraising packages. Each cheesecake is individually packed in a clear, rigid snap-on plastic dome and then packaged in its own box. Each cheesecake is labeled with the flavor, ingredients, and nutritional information. Of course, each box also identifies the flavor inside, so that your organization's members will be able to more easily deliver them correctly. The box not only provides extra protection for the cheesecake inside, it also provides extra insulation from above-freezing temperatures outside.

The plastic snap-on dome also is an extra benefit for your customers. When being enjoyed at home, where the entire cheesecake is likely not consumed at one meal, the cheesecake can be repackaged in its dome for safe keeping in the refrigerator.

If you are considering another fundraising product, particularly cheesecakes, don't forget to consider the packaging. After all, the package will be in your customers' refrigerator long after your fundraiser is completed. And that is when your customers will have ultimately decided to buy another cheesecake from you when you conduct your fundraiser again.

You'll just love our cheesecakes, and our packaging!